A part of kindness consists in loving people more than they deserve.

Joseph Joubert

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When “i” is replaced with “we” even illness becomes wellness.

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This changed me.

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Just watched Winter Soldier


That movie was pretty intense for two 95-year-olds trying to kill each other.


                                                   I want a night
                                                       with you.
                                                   I want to close
                                                     the curtains.
                                                I want to lay in bed
                                              and feel you breathing.
                                               I want the only noise
                                                   to be my inhale
                                              replying to your exhale.
                                           I want to trace my fingers
                                           along every line and curve
                                                    of your back.
                                            I want to feel your face
                                              buried into my neck.
                                              I want to lay like this
                                              and feel every worry
                                          the same way that I melt
                                              when I am with you. 


Damn, this girl was prepared.


she’s that girl
who doesn’t believe
in herself all that
and for the life of me
i can’t understand
because my belief
in her
goes beyond the damn


Gage Wallace - “How We Have Learned To Love”

"This is how we have learned to love. Texting each other pictures of our bodies. When we share a bed, we only know how to touch ourselves."

No wonder this guy won the Valentine’s Day tournament.


"I’m not always right and I can be wrong" is something that we, me included, have to always keep in mind. Being humble is important.